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A2M-Roads specializes in road surfacing cold asphalts, soil stabilisers and dust suppressors

A2M Roads supplies soil stabilisers, road surfacing binders and numerous dust palliatives in Europe and Africa.A2M Roads supplies soil stabilisers, road surfacing binders and numerous dust palliatives to customers from the civil engineering and construction industry to the mining sector in more than 30 countries in Africa and Europe.

We offer a selection of market leading products to ensure the best price to quality ratio. With its dedicated French and English speaking team, A2M Roads is able to advise and assist in the design, planning, implementation and maintenance of all types of product applications.

With a complete spectrum of products, from electrochemical ionic stabilisers, polymers, lignosulphonate binders and LBS, a bitumen emulsion based labour intensive asphalt, A2M Roads is able to provide tailored solutions catering for most road categories and designs, soil types and site conditions.

Our range dust palliatives not only provide environmentally acceptable options to reducing vehicle induced dust on trafficked roadways but are also able to curb wind transported emissions from untrafficked tailings, stockpiles or dumps.

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Road Surfacing Soil stabilizers and binders Dust suppression
Gravel / Dirt roads Surfaced roads Trafficked surfaces Untrafficked surfaces

An excellent knowledge of the African & European markets

We have more than 20 years experience in the marketing and delivery of products and equipment to private and public customers.

Through direct contacts with end users, contractors and distributors all around Africa and Europe, we maintain an excellent knowledge of the needs of the different markets that we service.

Thanks to our long term and trustworthy relationships with our manufacturers, we are able to offer sound technical advices and excellent service to our customers.


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