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Dustex - Technical Datasheet (Contact us)

Description Application rates

Dustex is a uniquely formulated lignosulphonate-based binder and gravel preserver suitable for binding both fine and coarse particles. Dustex is also suitable for spray-on applications to the surface of areas requiring short or medium term dust suppression.

  • Liquid: 1-2%
  • Powder: 0.5-1%
  • Liquid: 1.0-1.5 kg/m2
  • Powder: 0.5-0.8 kg/m2
  • Reduced gravel loss and dust levels and road maintenance
  • Suitable for use with a variety of materials with compositions and characteristics
  • Easy to apply, no specialised equipment required
  • Roads can be trafficked immediately
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Dilute the required Dustex with the water in the water bowser
  • Fill the bowser with one-third water; then add the required Dustex. Circulate the water during this process if possible. Once mixed, fill the bowser with water.
  • Rip the road to 150 mm and break large clods to maximum 50 mm
  • Calculate the approximate volume of water required to reach OMC and add 85% of the required product application rate to this quantity of water
  • Apply the solution onto the prepared surface in 2 to 4 applications, mixing thoroughly between applications
  • Shape to required camber and compact with pneumatic or vibratory roller to required density
  • Apply remaining 15% product to the road surface while still damp
  • For spray-on applications, the road surface should be well compacted, density >93%, firm and free of excess loose material and with sufficient camber to allow for proper drainage
  • Apply the product in multiple applications using a 10-15% solution of product with water
  • Avoid run-off and pooling
Product form Liquid Powder
Appearance Brown viscous liquid Brown water-soluble powder
Specific gravity Liquid -1300 kg/m3 Powder -500 kg/m3
pH (10% solution) 3.3 ±1 3.3 ±1
Solids % m/m 50 ±1 95% dry matter
Hazards Precautions First Aid
Fire Non-flammable - -
Explosion Non-explosive - -
Skin Non-irritant Safety gloves are recommended Rinse with water
Ingestion Non-hazardous Do not ingest Drink water
Eyes Non-irritant Eye goggles are recommended Flush with water
Storage Packaging
The product is stable for several years under dry cool storage conditions Liquid bulk 34 ton loads
Powder 30 kg and 600 kg bulk bags

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