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HRDC+ - Technical Datasheet (Contact us)

Description Application rates

HRDC+ is a uniquely formulated blend of surfactants which increases the ability of water to wet and promote the suppression of road dust.

Dilution 1:5000
Nominal application rate 1-8 ℓ/m2
  • Increases the wetting and penetration ability of water by over 100%
  • Causes a deep moisture penetration into dust and the roadbed
  • Suitable for use with a variety of materials with compositions and characteristics
  • Contains non-volatile materials which attract both dust particles and water
  • Easy to apply, no specialised equipment required
  • Reduces water’s tension which causes water to spread in much smaller droplets
  • Roads can be trafficked immediately
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Dilute the required HRDC with the water in the water bowser
  • Circulate the water or agitate prior to spraying
  • Apply HRDC-water mix to the surface to be treated
  • For spray-on applications, the road surface should be well compacted, firm and free of excess loose material and with sufficient camber to allow for proper drainage
  • Apply the product in multiple applications with water
  • Avoid run-off and pooling
  • Re-apply as required
Appearance Pale yellow viscous liquid
Specific gravity 0.95 @ 25°C
pH 10 ±1
Odour Slight phenolic odour
Diluent Water
Hazards Precautions First Aid
Fire Non-flammable - -
Explosion Non-explosive - -
Skin Slight irritant Safety gloves are recommended Rinse with water
Ingestion Non-hazardous Do not ingest Drink water
Eyes Iritant Eye goggles are recommended Flush with water
Storage Packaging
The product is stable for several years under dry cool storage conditions Packed 20 liter and 200 liter drums
Label Including description, application, first aid and batch number

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