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P100 - Technical Datasheet (Contact us)

Description Application rates

P100 is uniquely formulated anionic long chain organic polymer in emulsion for the stabilisation and erosion control on slopes, berms and other areas suffering soil loss through water and wind erosion.

Product 200 kg per hectare
Dilution 1:100 / 200
  • Water-based emulsion
  • Reduces soil erosion by up to 99%
  • Suitable for application to a wide variety of soil types and surfaces
  • No specialised equipment required
  • Stays active for 4-5 weeks and then breaks down into CO2, water and ammonia through UV exposure
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Reduces irrigation by up to 50%
  • Improves utilisation of fertilisers and pesticides
  • Reduces run-off
  • Mix P100 with water in a suitable sprayer
  • Apply the product-water solution using the prescribed dilution ratio at a rate of approximately 2 litres per square metre
  • P100 is compatible for application using any existing Irrigation system
Appearance Milky white viscous liquid
Specific gravity 1.01 @ 25°C
pH 6-8
Odour Aliphatic
Solids %m/m N/A
Diluent Water
Hazards Precautions First Aid
Fire Non-flammable - -
Explosion Non-explosive - -
Skin Mildly irritant Wear protective clothing for sensitive skins Rinse with water
Ingestion Mildly irritant Do not ingest Do not induce vomiting
(Seek prompt medical advice)
Eyes Mildly irritant Avoid splashing; wear goggles Flush with water for min 20 min
(Seek prompt medical advice)
Storage Packaging
Storage temperature 5-60°C Packed 20 / 200 litre drums
Transport temperature 5-60°C Label Includes logo product, description, application, first aid and batch number

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