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WDC - Technical Datasheet (Contact us)

Description Application rates

WDC is a non-toxic, eco-friendly synthetic liquid that is applied undiluted to areas requiring medium to long term dust suppression. WDC is also well suited for application to trafficked surfaces with loose material present.

Initial 0.15-2 ℓ/m2
(dependent on soil conditions)
Maintenance 1-8 ℓ/m2
  • Effective all year round performance unaffected by rainfall
  • Ideal for eco-sensitive areas where concerns with contamination of water and topsoil exist
  • Suitable for application to a wide variety of soil types and surfaces
  • Minimal disruption to traffic; roads do not need to be closed to traffic for application
  • Remains active after application and can be reworked
  • No specialised equipment required
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Contains no Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • No need to remove excess loose material
  • Freezes below minus 20°C
  • WDC requires minimal preparation and is added undiluted to the water bowser or other application equipment
  • The application of WDC is a surface application and should be applied using two to three passes of the bowser depending on the ability of the surface to absorb the product
  • Adjust application rate to suit the quality of the surface being treated and its ability to absorb the WDC
  • Avoid run-off and pooling
  • Rework as and when desired
  • Apply a light maintenance application when off-site material is deposited on the treated surface
Appearance Clear water like liquid
Specific gravity  0.85 @ 25°C
pH N/A (not an aqueous solution)
Odour Slight citrus
Solids % m/m N/A
Diluent N/A
Hazards Precautions First Aid
Fire Non-flammable - -
Explosion Non-explosive - -
Skin Mild Irritant (prolonged contact) Wear protective clothing for sensitive skins Rinse with water and soap
(Seek prompt medical advice)
Ingestion Not harmful Do not ingest Do not induce vomiting
(Seek prompt medical advice)
Eyes Mild irritant Avoid splashing Flush with water for min 20 min
(Seek prompt medical advice)
Storage Packaging
Storage temperature 10-60°C Packed 210 litre mild steel drums
Transport temperature 10-60°C Label Including logo product, description, application, first aid and batch number

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