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LBS Asphalt - Technical Datasheet (Contact us)

LBS Asphalt
Description Typical Mix proportions

LBS is a formulated mixture of inert fillers, bitumen extenders and binder enhancers designed to be blended with selected aggregates and water based bituminous emulsion in the manufacture of asphalt for general road surfacing and repair.

LBS filler 20%
Bitumen emulsion (60% nett) 9%
Crusher sand (<6mm) 50%
6,7 or 9.5mm roadstone 21%
  • The designed grading and properties of the final LBS asphalt mix complies with the requirements for a "fine or medium continuously graded asphalt" according to South African TRH8 Specifications
  • No heating is required during preparation or application of the LBS mix
  • LBS is self priming
  • No specialised equipment required
  • Minimal disruption to traffic, roads can be opened to light traffic immediately after compaction, higher trafficked areas can be opened within a few hours
  • LBS Asphalt is ideally suited to labour intensive construction projects
Typical Test Results
  LBS TRH8 Specification Grading curve
Binder Content 5.5 5.2 – 5.8 LBS Asphalt Grading Curve
VMA 15.2 >14
VIM (%) 5.4 3 – 6
Air permeability x 10-8 (cm2) 0,2 <1.0
Marshall stability (kN) 8.5 >8
Marshall flow (mm) 3.2 2 – 4
Stability/flow 2.7 >2.5
I.T.S (indirect tensile strength) 1074 >800
Immersion index (%) 86 >75
LBS Mix Preparation
  • Mix the required quantity of LBS filler, crusher-sand and roadstone
  • Add the required quantity of bituminous emulsion and mix thoroughly
LBS Mix Application
  • Ensure that the base layer is well compacted to the required density and is swept free of loose material
  • Lightly water the base sweeping off any free standing water immediately (no prime is required)
  • Place the prepared LBS cold asphalt mix at regular intervals and level to the required loose thickness
  • Lightly water the levelled mix
  • Compact using a roller with 4 - 6 passes (water the drums to assist with sticking of material)
  • Apply additional water if required during compaction. Once the surface becomes saturated with a brown liquid, sufficient water and compaction has been applied
LBS Filler Characteristics
Appearance Black granular aggregate mixture
Apparent density ±1100 kg/m3
Odour None
Hazards Precautions First Aid
Fire Non-flammable - -
Explosion Non-explosive - -
Skin N/A Wear protective clothing for sensitive skins -
Ingestion N/A Do not ingest -
Eyes Possible irritant Wear eye protection Flush with water
(Seek prompt medical advice)
Storage Packaging
Storage temperature N/A Packed 20 / 30 kg plastic bags
Transport temperature N/A Label Including description, application, first aid and batch number
The product is stable for several years under dry cool storage conditions    

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