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ISS 2500 - Technical Datasheet (Contact us)

ISS 2500
Description Application rates

ISS 2500 is an electrochemical clay soil stabiliser suitable for improving marginal or substandard soils for use in the construction of roads.

% passing 0.075: <10% 0.01-0.02 R/m2
% passing 0.075: 10-15% 0.02-0.03 R/m2
% passing 0.075: 15+% 0.03 R/m2
  • Economical construction method for use in gravel and surfaced roads
  • Increase in compacted densities and bearing capacities
  • Greater use of in-situ material
  • No specialised equipment required
  • Treatment is permanent
  • Roads can be opened to traffic immediately
  • Establish the suitability of the soil prior to construction
  • Fill the water bowser and then add the required amount of ISS
  • Scarify area to 150-200 mm depth
  • Large clods or agglomerations to be broken to max 50 mm
  • Add the required amount of ISS directly to the water bowser with the moisture needed to bring the material to optimum moisture content (OMC) for compaction. If the material is at OMC, a minimum amount of 1litre water/m2 should be used
  • Spray the ISS-water mixture over the entire area in multiple passes
  • The area is to be thoroughly mixed until OMC is achieved
  • Should more moisture be required after the application of the ISS to achieve OMC, use clean water
  • At OMC, the area should be levelled and compacted to required density
  • Any exposed ISS-treated areas should be lightly watered twice daily for three days or until covered
Appearance Oily, dark/red coloured, with characteristic odour
Specific gravity 1.14 @ 25°C
pH <2
Diluent Water
Hazards Precautions First Aid
Fire Non-flammable - -
Explosion Non-explosive - -
Skin Prolonged contact can cause minor burns Wear protective clothing for sensitive skins Rinse with water
Ingestion Harmful Do not ingest Do not induce vomiting
(Seek prompt medical advice)
Eyes May cause irritation or corneal burns Avoid splashing Flush with water for min 20 min
(Seek prompt medical advice)
Storage Packaging
Storage temperature -5-60° Packed 20/100/200 litre plastic drums
Transport temperature -5-60° Label Company details and contact numbers
Store under cover and protect containers from direct sunlight    

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